Client Testimonials

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Here are a few of the testimonials we have received:

"The editors at ESLWritingHelp.com saved me numerous times as I pursued my PhD. She helped me with major papers, the comps and the drafts of the dissertation. In particular she polished my grammar and enforced consistency. I had a problem with gerunds that is, all those ‘ing’ words. She relentlessly hunted them down for me and transformed the weak passive prose into something stronger and more commanding. It was ideal for a dissertation. She is quick, good at what she does, knowledgeable and eager to help. She will take the time to teach you how to better edit your own work. Now I hunt my own gerunds." CB

"My experience with ESLWritingHelp.com was fabulous! I couldn't thank her enough for her professional and highly efficient service. It sped up my completion date and helped me finish on time. The service was fantastic with excellent communication; so I was informed at each stage of the process. ESLWritingHelp.com has inspired and motivated me to produce better writing.   I would recommend ESLWritingHelp.com to anyone looking for a professional, fast and reliable service, especially those who are close to completing their thesis." OA

"I can testify that the founder of ESLWritingHelp.com is a compassionate, trustworthy, ethical, professional, and honest woman and you can't go wrong hiring her to proofread your papers; writing and proofreading are only two of her many talents." DD