Nouns Part 1

Nouns are typically defined as words that stand in for persons, places or things, for example: nurses, the world, and chair.  They also identify ideas, concepts and feelings, for example: freedom, peace and joy.

Nouns can be defined in many ways and can be used in many ways.  Today we will identify some of those ways and continue in other posts.

Inanimate v. Animate
Inanimate nouns refer to things that are not alive: chairs, computers, etc.
Animate nouns refer to things that are living, including people, animals and plants.

Countable v. Uncountable/Mass
Countable nouns have a singular and a plural form: chair, chairs.
Uncountable/mass nouns don’t have a plural form and often refer to substances, such as: butter, smoke.

Abstract v. Concrete
Abstract nouns refer to states of being, events, concepts, feelings, qualities – nouns that don’t have any physical presence: health, rallies, freedom, joy, intelligent.  They can be countable or uncountable/mass nouns (see above).
Concrete nouns refer to objects and things that exist physically: chairs, computers, paintings, art.  These can be countable or uncountable/mass nouns (see above).

Look for more information on nouns in Parts 2 and 3.