How to Submit a Project
Your project may need more than one editorial review.  The second review after your revise your paper is no charge.  There is also no minimum fee.  To submit your paper:

First determine the number of words in your document:

  • Click on your document and press the Control key and the A key at the same time – this will highlight your entire document.    

  • How to get a word count:

    • Word documents: go to Review and click on Word Count in the top bar/ribbon

    • Apple documents: click on the toolbar and click Show Word Count

    • Libre documents: go to Tools in the tool bar and click on Word Count in the drop down menu list

    • Google docs: go to Tools in the tool bar and click on Word Count


  • There are about 250 words per page. So divide the word count of your paper by 250 – the answer is your page count. For example, if your document has 750 words, it is three pages.

  • Look at the rates below and decide how soon you need your paper back.

  • Once you know the page count and the time frame you can submit payment through our payment page.

  • Once your payment has been processed; you will get an email to submit your paper.

  • Fill out the submit document form and attach your document to the submission email. 

  • We will edit, write a report and send you your paper with Track Changes and the report back to you by email within the time frame you have indicated.

All pricing is in US Dollars. A page equals 250 words. If your last page is under half a page, we will not charge you the full amount for it.  If it is over half a page, then we will charge you for another page.  For example, 376 words to 500 words is 2 pages. All projects must be prepaid before work will be done on them. The price for each project will depend on the number of pages times the rate per page for the turn around time (see below). Once you have determined the price, you can prepay with your credit card by completing our online payment form.  Remember a second review after you revise your work is no charge and there is no minimum charge.

If you want a more detailed report on problem grammar/style points, you may pay an additional $10.00 for the analysis.

By Jenni C

Project Rates:

7 day turn around: $8.00/page – up to 150 pages.

5 day turn around: $8.50/page up to 100 pages.

3 day turn around: $9.00/page – up to 75 pages.

2 day turn around: $10.00/page up to 40 pages.

Longer projects/papers are negotiable – please contact us through our Contact Us form to discuss. 

Questions? Feel free to send us questions by filling out our Contact Us form!

Here is our Project Submission Form: