Annual Reports
Annual Reports

Annual reports are written by businesses, non-profits and any organization with investors and potential investors. There are many different parts to an annual report, and they can be ordered in various ways and the report will vary depending on the needs of your organization. However, most reports included the following sections:

By Nicole Curran


  • Letter from the president or chairman of the board
  • Executive Director’s message
  • Table of Contents
  • Committee reports, which may follow this outline:
    • Past Year Accomplishments
      • Progress in meeting annual goals – you should list your goals and briefly describe your progress in meeting those goals
      • Progress with the strategic plan – you should summarize your progress in meeting the goals of the strategic plan and any changes that need to be or have been made to the plan
      • Administrative changes – you should summarize any key personnel, budgetary or infrastructure changes in the past year.
      • Special initiatives – you should describe changes in current initiatives and any new initiatives started this past year, showing the impact and/or effectiveness of the initiatives
      • Significant accomplishments – you should provide a list of the most significant accomplishments during the past year
      • Assessment – if you have written an assessment report, it should be attached
    • Next Year Activity
      • Goals – list your goals for the coming year
      • Collaborations – describe any collaborations that might be coming up
      • Needs – provided a list of things you need to accomplish your goals
  • Financial statements – with charts and tables
  • Thanks to donors, volunteers, etc.

Often it is a good idea to feature people who have been helped or who have helped during the past year.

There should be lots of pictures and illustrations that show what you have done.