Book Manuscripts
Book Manuscripts

To submit your manuscript for publication in the United States you need to follow these conventions:
  • Use standard 8 ½ x 11, 20 pound paper
  • Print on only one side of the paper
  • Double-space your manuscript
  • Indent dialogue or paragraphs 5 spaces
  • Use 12 point font – whatever that publisher prefers, usually Times New Roman or Courier
  • Use only white paper for the manuscript
  • Use business stationery for the cover letter
  • Be professional in your presentation
  • Number the pages
  • Include a header with your last name, a word from the title with the page number in the upper right hand corner
  • Research the agency you are sending your manuscript to
  • Get the name of someone to send your manuscript to at the publisher
  • You may want to query first
  • Send the publisher only what they ask for
  • Make your submission package as perfect as possible
  • Put one space after words or sentences – not two spaces
  • Use left alignment not justified
  • Have a title page with the title centered half-way down the page, next line “By”, next line your name; then print your contact information in the top left or bottom right corner, opposite that put the estimated word count
  • Use black for your font color, underline for emphasis but no bolding or italicizing
  • Don’t hyphenate at the end of a line
  • Start the chapter page 6 double-spaced lines down and center “Chapter ___”
  • Start every chapter on a new page
  • Put the word “end” at the bottom of the last page
  • Don’t bind or put a cover on your manuscript, just stack the pages and put them in a box
  • Make sure there are no typos or grammar mistakes

By Thomas Hawk

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