Some people use the “tell it” structure with an opening, body, conclusion.  But they convey different messages than a story:
•    Introduction, tell the audience what you are going to talk to them about
•    Body, you tell them what you want them to know
•    Conclusion, you tell them what you have already told them.  
This type of structure helps to reinforce your message; however, it is very repetitious, and you can lose your audience with it.

By Martin Ringlein

Another possible structure is:
•    Opening, which starts with an attention getter that links to your topic; a preview of the topic; and a one sentence statement of your thesis
•    Body, identify two to five statements you want to make to support your thesis statement and then give two to five points in support of those statements; organize your main statements and points in a logical order
•    Conclusion, give a review of your points, conclude with a restatement of your thesis, and close your presentation

Another possible structure is that of a story: they set up a conflict that needs resolution and then gives that resolution.  They use the three-part story structure:
•    Beginning, what it is like now and what it could be like – your vision
•    Middle, more of what is and what good be, going back and forth between the baselines and your vision
•    End, a powerful call to action and new baseline