Press Releases
Press Releases

The press releases follows a standard format.  At the top left in all caps and bold print:  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE or HOLD FOR RELEASE UNTIL and the date you want the press release to go out.

Next in bold title case, you should have a headline which describes the story content.  

Then you need to put the Dateline, which consists of: City, State/Country and date before you start writing your story.  

The story should be more than a few paragraphs, with each paragraph only a few sentences.  If the story goes past the first page, write: “- more-“ at the bottom.  The first paragraph should answer: who, what, when, where and why – give the facts

Near the end include background information about the company or organization featured in the press release.  Next give the source of the information.

At the bottom left, place the media contact information for people who want to know more.

Finally, place ### or the word “ENDS” at the very end to show that the press release is finished.


For tips on writing a press release, see:

These tips include: write in the third person, be brief, avoid the sale’s pitch, don’t use jargon and suggestions on how to optimize and distribute your press release.  There is also a list of questions you should ask yourself in order to make the greatest impact with your story.

They give a list of the types of press releases, including: general news, launch, product, executive or staff announcement, expert positioning and event.  Each has a description of what is involved.

By Tom Waterhouse  By Tom Waterhouse