Information on Writing Styles
Writing Style Guides

Many professions, as well as students, need to write in different styles. These include MLA (Modern Language Association), APA (American Psychological Association), and Chicago style. These and other style sheets are linked to this page to help you in your writing. We will need to know which style, if any, you will need us to proof and edit your work in. These are the styles you may need to use for your work: (link all in list)

AAA: American Anthropological Association, used in anthropology

ACS: American Chemical Society, used in chemistry and science

AP: Associated Press, used in journalism

APA: American Psychological Association, used in business, education, psychology and other social sciences

ASA: American Sociological Association, used in sociology

Business Style: used in business

Chicago: Chicago Manual Style, used in literature, history, the arts, physical and natural sciences, and the social sciences

CSE: Council of Science Editors, used in science

MLA: Modern Language Association, used in literature, arts and the humanities

Turabian: used in history

(Cal State University Library, adapted from the Arkansas Statue University Library Citation Guide has guides/books available on the styles listed above. These can be retrieved from )

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