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Plagiarism Policy

ESLWritingHelp.com has the following Plagiarism Policy.

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is taking someone else’s work and claiming it as your own.  Plagiarism is fraud.  It is stealing someone else’s work and lying about it. [Plagiarism.org].  Plagiarism can be intentional or unintentional because of haste and sloppiness.

Plagiarism is often done when copying and pasting other people’s work into your paper without giving them credit for their work.  If the phrases or even the idea you are discussing come from someone else, then you need to give credit to that person or group for those phrases or ideas.

Examples of Plagiarism

·         Using someone else’s writings and forgetting to give them credit with a citation
·         Using someone else’s ideas without asking and not giving them the credit for their ideas
·         Buying a research paper or having someone else write the paper for you and passing it off as your own work
·         Getting too much help in the writing of your paper
·         Using someone else’s artwork, graphs or tables in your work without giving them credit for it


All work that is not original and is taken from someone else needs to have a citation that gives credit to the original owner of the work.  Changing a few words does not mean that you don’t have to give a citation, as the ideas are still someone else’s.

Citing strengthens your paper because it shows that you have done your research and recognize the work of others.  You will need to learn how to cite different types of works and how it is done in the different styles used for papers.  We can help with this.

ESLWritingHelp.com’s Plagiarism Policy

We will NEVER knowingly help you plagiarize.  If we believe that something in your paper needs a citation, we will let you know.  Citing your resources properly will strengthen your paper.

ESLWritingHelp.com stands against plagiarism in all forms and will work with you to make sure you have not committed this offense.  Plagiarism can get you expelled from school.

We take plagiarism seriously.  If you have questions, please ask us through our Contact Us form.
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