Document Structures
Document Structures

Every type of writing has a different structure – it is how the parts of a piece of writing are organized. A research paper will have a different structure than an essay or a newspaper article. Style guides can help with designing the parts of the structure you need to use. These and other document structures are linked to this page to help in your writing. We will need to know which type of document you are writing in order to check the structure of your paper.

5-Paragraph Essay
Annual Reports
Book Manuscripts

Business Plans
Cover Letters

Journal Articles
Movie Screenplays
Newspaper Articles
Non-Fiction Manuscripts
Play Scripts
Press Releases
Research Papers
Logical Structures

Another way to look at structures is logical organization. Here is a good article about logical writing structures: Scott Francis (March 25, 2009) writes about six logical writing structures at: He discusses different ways of organizing that fit within the structures outlined above, including: categorical, evaluative, chronological, comparative, sequential and causal.

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